the process 


The Brereton Experience


A Brereton Bespoke Garment is not just a suit, it is a statement. A form of self-expression to the world, defining credibility, style and respect to those you encounter.

To give you an idea of what you can expect when you buy a bespoke piece from Brereton:


A Brereton consultant will call to schedule an appointment at a venue most convenient to you within the Johannesburg area. Please feel free to enquire if you would like to arrange an appointment outside of the Johannesburg area, as special arrangements can be made. 


A formal sit down with the Brereton Stylist, to consult over the styling and unique details of your bespoke piece, which will include: 

  • Choice of Suit Fit 
  • Suit Design and Construction
  • Fabric & Lining Selection
  • Body Measurements and Body Balancing

Then the step where the magic really happens, our expert stylist will capture your body measurements and assess your body balance, ensuring you receive an exquisitely fitted custom piece. This will conclude the first appointment. 

SARTORIAL TIP – It will help your stylist greatly if you have an idea or picture of the kind of suit you would like.  


As your bespoke piece gets crafted by the finest tailors in the world, you can expect an approximate turnaround time of 6 – 8 weeks. Should you need to expedite the process, please enquire with your Brereton consultant. 


Your bespoke piece is ready for it’s first fitting. A Brereton Consultant will be in touch to arrange a time and place for your fitting, and meticulously work thought the garment to ensure it fits perfectly.

If you are pleased, then this concludes the entire process and we depart and leave you to enjoy your uniquely crafted Brereton Bespoke Suit. 

Should adjustments be required, once alterations have been completed there will be a second fitting to ensure perfection. This is usually where delivery will take place.


Don your suit out into the world, for all to marvel in its splendour. Realise it is the greatest suit you’ve ever worn, and immediately pick up the phone to arrange for another suit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does the process take?

  • As our bespoke pieces are constructed overseas by our internationally acclaimed tailors, it is important to know that we have an estimated delivery time of 6 – 8 weeks. Should you need to expedite the process, please enquire with your Brereton consultant. 
  • Once your suit is ready, your Brereton consultant will contact you to set up your first fitting. 

What if the suit doesn’t fit?

  • We guarantee is that a Brereton Bespoke suit always fits perfectly! Our consultants are trained in the art of bespoke and our measurement methodologies are scientific, removing the risk of error and ensuring a fit like no other. 
  • Disclaimer – If the suit should fit incorrectly due to the client losing or gaining significant weight, thus resulting in major alterations, then the cost of alterations will be for the client’s account.

What makes Brereton Bespoke different from other Suit Companies?

  • Start to finish you will instantly notice a difference – the Brereton way! Our consultants are expertly trained in fabrics, design, construction, and measurements. They will guide you throughout the process, turning your wishes into reality. Our Tailors are world renowned and the best in the business. With decades of experience and a patented tailoring process, your suit will be perfectly fitted, every time.

What types of fabrics does Brereton Bespoke stock?

  • We only use natural fibers in the construction of our premium suits. We have a wide variety of 100% wool fabrics to choose from, and for our more discerning gentlemen, we house a number of luxury fabrics from the finest fabric houses around the world. 

Do I have to re-measure every time I want a new suit?

  • Once we capture your measurements the first time, you will forever be stored in our database. Meaning all you will have to do when you require a new bespoke suit will be to pick up the phone and tell us what you desire to order. 
  • Unless you have dropped or gained weight, or in some instances gained more muscle then we will book an appointment with you to update your measurement information. 

How do I clean and take care of my Brereton Bespoke suit?

  • Please ensure that you hang up your suit after wear, on the hanger you received with your suit. 
  • Every Brereton Garment is made with natural fibers, so the best way to clean your suit would be to dry clean it only once it has a noticeable odor, or actually requires a clean. Please do not throw it in the washing machine, or even worse the dryer. 
  • It is advisable after ever wear of your bespoke suit, to lightly dust it off, or use a suit brush to ensure it remains clean.

What if I have a specific budget and don’t want to go over my budget?

  • Should you wish to make known your budget, please feel free to communicate it with your consultant when booking your appointment and they will ensure they work within your boundaries.